Why Ole Tours?

The unrivalled way of seeing Spain.

We stand out for doing things differently so you can experience the real local deal wherever you go and see what others won’t.

Authentic, Fun-loving and Brilliant Experience!

Fully Bilingual Staff | Local licensed Guides | Experienced Partners | Door to Door | Premium Vehicles

We were born to be the bridge between Anglo-Saxon tourists and the true Spanish experience by treating them they way we would like to be treated.

What started as a conversation of dreams & passions between two travel lovers ended up becoming the new way to travel, have fun & make friends in Spain.

Hi, I’m Alba!

Born and raised in Cartagena. A natural explorer who knows the trendy & top local places to visit, from the “secret” Cala where my grandparents used to spend summer with the family, to the best paella and sangria in town.

Being in LMC for over 4 years, I have made friends from northern Europe who should have the opportunity to enjoy all the local beauty and fun around:

  • Do aquatic activities in the Mediterranean
  • Try different Chiringuitos
  • Discover hidden spots… and much more!

Instead of missing the true colors of this world, I’m eager to show them all!

Hobbies: Music, dark chocolate and the sea 🙂

Hi, I’m Joa!

A versatile communications & business leader strategist with +15 years of experience in the corporate industry, with start-ups and pymes in U.S., LATAM and Asia.

A few years ago, I made my life’s go-to purpose to serve people by doing things that allow me to use my brain and also my heart, and Ole Tours combines it all:

  • Explore new gems (locals’ secret places).
  • Connect with new cultures through people & gastronomy.
  • Make new friends… and much more!

I’m fairly new in the area, but I feel I’ve known this place forever and can’t wait to share everything I discover!

Hobbies: Writing, dancing and staying active 🙂

Our Vision:

To astonish the world spot by spot, period 

Our Mission:

We strive to take every patron ONLY to spots with a memorable essence, in an unrivalled way: mixing culture with gastronomy and a friendly experience.

Core Values:

  • Having fun: interacting as friends who enjoy with humor their time together and truly care for each other.
  • Solution Oriented: Going the extra mile to ensure an outstanding experience.
  • Creative: to inspire and stay ahead in the game
  • Leadership: being goal-oriented, innovative and real team players.
  • Honesty: Always speak with the truth. Be transparent
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